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Musings on zomponies courtesy of propain
The horde
No there aren't a bunch of larpers, the horde is a term for the standard zomponies, you know, missing skin, slow, eat other ponies, smell like curry night at a rubbish tip. The usual. These while the most common, are pretty simple to deal with, aim for the head, decapitation, bisection, club, cricket bat, propane tank followed by shooting it (my personal favourite), electrocution, fire, high falls, the list goes on but the main thing is don't be overwhelmed, and aim for the head......woodchippers and meatgrinders!!! Those are f**king brilliant.
These are what happens to some earth ponies, and thankfully only some. It seems certain earth ponies who focused on physical labour, after being bit,they go into hibernation, where for a few days there skin dies and swells up and underneath there muscles increase as there bodies metabolism speeds up for there hibernation removing any fat on there bodies, the result is a skinless muscular being that is basically a trotting freigh
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Fusemon: gartoinion
Fusemon: gartoinion
Water/fire/poision type
Rancid smell
Any for that makes physical contact has a 1/5 chance of being either poisoned or paralyzed
Special attack
Cesspool torrent
Pp 5
Type poison/special
Power 150
Launches black sludge from its cannons, leaves filth that does continuous damage for 2 turns
From the office of Dr white
Well this has been entertaining, now that I am fully licensed to create fusions, I have been relocated to a lab just oustide undella town and given free reign of the place. As this is my first I shall explain, my lab while far off the beaten track and is beachside. I figured I would need my first fusemon to be a jack of all trades, so I put garbodor DNA so he could clean up after some of my more slovenly staff members, volcanion because of how territorial they are, and blastoise for defence. The end result has volcanions basic body shape, but with a thumping great big shell, two small garbodor ears either side of his he
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Mlp film next gen: apple thorn
Name:apple thorn
(Look miss rainbow I do not care how awesome you are, no freebies!)
Species: changeling hybrid\male
Son of applejack and chrysalis
Build stocky medium sized
Job: brewer of cider and other types of alcohol
Appearance: orangy brown earthy carapace cracked at hooves and midsection
Blonde scruffy mane with lime green highlights
A large horn reminiscent of some types of beetle
Shimmering emerald insect wings covered by a hardened cover when at rest
Wears a green neckerchief and a stetson with a hole for his horn
Personality background
Perhaps the most like his parents, he is honest, fiercely loyal to his friends and the most stubborn pony around. He lives with his mothers at sweet apple acres, but he works in the cider cellar and there he is in his element, carrying around five barrels at a time, checking the temperature of the booze, he single hoofedly made cider a year round thing, and is well known for his skill at brewing anything alchaholic and doing requests, and for
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Equestria divided: Vulcan warband forces part 2
To the dragonkin, oaths and honour are life and and death to the point where to forsake a oath or kill a innocent is unforgivable. If such an atrocity is commited then the dragonkin will always take the unforgiven oath, where the only way to cleanse themselves of this crime is to fight the horrors of the world with nothing but there claws and there firey breath for one year. In battle they are maniacs charging after the biggest constructs or monster and attacking them in such a furious state some foes die of fright from catching a glimpse.
The wrecking crews
Formed from dragonkin and earth ponies, the wrecking crews are skilled at destroying. Utilizing the earthponies strength, they are taught how to find weak points and exploit them and the dragonkin innate tunneling ability to hide and wait before launching surprise attacks, disabling enemies and dismantling war machines.
Pegasi bombers
Pegasus recruits who use bombs. The bombs that are used are quite simply stone orbs wit
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Equestrian divided: Vulcan warband forces
The basic soldiers of the warband before showing any inherent skill in fire magic, strength or agility. Eager to show there skills they form up in groups of 5 to 6 to attack using sharpened stone weapons and there firey breath.
Fire monks
Specialized warrior monks who use there firey magic in unique ways.
Specially chosen from the slates for there preference for fire, they are trained to channel there inner fire into the ground, then manipulate it as balls of magma to launch at the opposing forces, they tend to work in threes, two launching magma bombs, one keeping the other two safe with pillars of fire.
Column strikers
Warriors who show themselves to cabable and honourable are given a weapon that symbolizes the warband ideals, an oath column, a large ornate column that glows with heat. Strong enough to smash a Buffalo's skull with a swing, seeing one on the battlefield increases the morale of the warband.
The slates who are fast and battle hungry are given black obsi
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Equestrian divided: Vulcan warband
"Onward to war, for the flame, and for what's right!"
The northwestern mountains of equestria had always been a place of danger and unease for ponies, from its volcanic landscape to rumours of half dragon half pony beings with claws on there hooves lurking in the mountains, many gave it a wide berth. When war broke out many houses expressed interest in the mountains, the most being white gold because of the chance of untapped riches, but anypony they send into the mountains brought back tales of ambushes from half dragon, half pony creatures, brutal to the warriors but merciful to the none combatants. after a while stories of raids on other houses who went near the mountains began, and moon and star decided to launch a attack to see what lurked in the mountains, what they encountered shook them to there cores. For as they began to march into the mountains, from beneath the ash coated ground emerged the half dragon,half pony creatures known as dragonkin who immediately launched a counte
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Mlp fim oc : dolorem
Name dolorem
Meaning: "endure pain"
Gender: male
Occupation: head spyhunter
Description: greyish blue coat
Ash grey mane
Medium build
Fluffy ears
Light green eyes
No wings has two hideous scars instead
Cutie mark of a sword over the moon
Mane is short messy while his tail is so long it drags behind him
Has a almost bored, lazy look on his face
Smokes cigarettes in a long cigarette holder
Prone to lounging around on things
Dolorem was a young recruit into the night guard and on his first week on the job a band of renegade unicorns broke in, intending to assassinate the princesses. He fought against them valiantly but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was struck by a necrosis spell and a pain nerve overload spell at the same time. The unicorns were stopped but the cost was heavy, dolorem was paralyzed in a permnant state of unimaginable pain as doctors worked to save what they could, he lost his wings. After three weeks he returned to service and immediat
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Phooka, the young man with limitless love
Gender: male
Race human
Nationality 1/2 Irish 1/4 scottish 1/4 english
Appearance: young fit, always has a five o clock shadow
Wears worn army style boots
Baggy torn jeans
A large blue coat reaching his knees
A white fleecy jumper
Warm yellow eyes
A slight smile
Wears a tweed flat cap to hide his golden hair
Loving, kind stubborn
Back story
Phooka was born in Dublin, and had quite the reputation for standing his ground against anything and always smiling, no matter what.
One day his father went away to war and as a parting gift gave him a pipe ( to this day he smokes it when confused, anxious or bored)
But his family quickly got word he was killed in action, and to remember him, phooka wears army boots, every day.
After that his mother took him to Scotland where she caught a infection and died. Alone, he tried reaching out to others, not to help him, but to help them. No. Matter how bad his life, he always thinks of others before himself. Which helped unl
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My mlp of dragfang
Dragfang the Kelpie
This guy is brilliant, hailing from trotland and having made a home in froggy bottom bog, he is perhaps the strongest kelpie around. As big as big Mac, with a midnight blue dripping wet coat with a muddy brown mane with water weed growing from it, and horrificly sharp teeth and a flat cap perched on his head his accent is halfway between Irish and Scottish, and he is bold, friendly and devoid of any fear, as he puts it " I only fear what I can't bloody fight" so yea he will fight anything. He makes a living brewing and selling waterweed cider, a salty alcoholic brew which can be used as a propellant! Most mix it, he drinks it by the tankard! He might not seem it, but he has a soft spot for young uns, and always looks out for them. As a Kelpie he can live in water control water, plants, and the weather to a degree, and can melt.
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Aether, the ageless dust
There are rumours fluttering around the multiverse, rumours of a being who wades through wars, survives disasters, and always fights the strongest, and all with a smile on his face.
Name: lost to time eons ago
Alias: aether
Gender male
Age: unknown but looks early twenties
Friendly, wise, enjoys a fight.
Youthful body
Wild white hair to his shoulders
Gray eyes
Kung fu trousers
Bandaged hands and feet in old greyish bandages
Simple white t-shirt
The being known as aether is impossibly old, said to have seen gods rise and fall, and universes burn out, but you would only know that if you talked to him, otherwise he is pretty mellow. He is impossible to recruit to anything because he has seen it all before he knows the routine, he doesn't want any part of it. His arms and legs are bandaged up to keep the fact his arms and legs give of smouldering ash a secret, because he only uses that trait when he is angry.
Fighting style
In battle he seems to be a brawler, bu
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Hacker character reference
Name: hacker
Age: 22
Species: honey badger
Gender: male
Alignment: none
Reisidance: mobile
Army boots
Military trousers
While vest
Covered with scars
His left eye is always closed
Has greyish fur
His hair is short and black with two white streaks going through it
Hacker was born and raised in a military facility dedicated to creating the perfect soldier, alongside his younger brother and several others, where they were trained in martial arts, espionage, Military tactics, and most of all, no emotions. Whilst they trained the children formed a strong bond as a family, each looking out for the others, and the doctors noticed this. To break this bond they separated the children, trained them separately, then after two years they would force them to fight to the death, to break them and make them more susceptible to conditioning, however the only one who survived was hacker, and as he stared down at his brother and family dead on the floor his emotions came flooding
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Tarius the god of war and mastery info
The god of war and mastery
Alignment chaotic neutral
Age unknown (although he prefers looking early 20's)
Gender male
Slim frame covered with scars
Arms and legs from elbows and knees down bound with sealing bandages
Black baggy jeans torn up at the ankles
Wears tengu geta sandals
Wears a large light blue string of prayer beads as a sash
Over his face is what !ooks like a white kitsune mask that emotes for him, but it is actually another power sealer to reign in his power although it is fused to his face he can open the mouth and the eyes glow yellow
His hair is short scruffy and dark red
In one word unexpected, he is a calm calculated leader, who never loses his composure, even when drop kicking a powerlion of enemy soldiers. Many believe this is because of some meditative skill, actually, its boredom. The thing that makes him excited is a fight:
A army who don't stand a chance, a slight smile and he is a bit happy,
Someone who can stand up to him with hi
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The unyielding tide
The unyielding tide
Hailing from a dimension torn apart by war, the unyielding tide is in essence a army of raiders, where ever they appear they sweep over the land as a swarm only killing those who stand up to them, otherwise they destroy and steal what they want. To go to war against them is a move not to be taken lightly, for whilst they seem like mindless brutes, in war they use the same swarm manoeuvre but there generals go alongside them and there leader the god of war and mastery tarius is always the first into a fray.
The ascetic mountain
A mountain about four times the size of everest that floats through the sky. The interior resembles a ant nest with gigantic halls connected via tunnels, each hall serves a different purpose (food hall, dojo hall etc) and branching off from each hall are the living quarters. Many believe its tarius who keeps it afloat, but the entire mountain is made of a rare metal ore called repalite, which naturally repels gravity, thus keeping the mou
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ALL TOGETHER NOW!! by 47ness ALL TOGETHER NOW!! :icon47ness:47ness 305 338 Undertale Character Concept Lineup by MrGwynplaine Undertale Character Concept Lineup :iconmrgwynplaine:MrGwynplaine 542 49 Commission: Victory! by Siansaar Commission: Victory! :iconsiansaar:Siansaar 1,343 218





The horde
No there aren't a bunch of larpers, the horde is a term for the standard zomponies, you know, missing skin, slow, eat other ponies, smell like curry night at a rubbish tip. The usual. These while the most common, are pretty simple to deal with, aim for the head, decapitation, bisection, club, cricket bat, propane tank followed by shooting it (my personal favourite), electrocution, fire, high falls, the list goes on but the main thing is don't be overwhelmed, and aim for the head......woodchippers and meatgrinders!!! Those are f**king brilliant.

These are what happens to some earth ponies, and thankfully only some. It seems certain earth ponies who focused on physical labour, after being bit,they go into hibernation, where for a few days there skin dies and swells up and underneath there muscles increase as there bodies metabolism speeds up for there hibernation removing any fat on there bodies, the result is a skinless muscular being that is basically a trotting freight train with the hulk smash mentality.
These things charge at anything that moves and isn't rotting, but there are easy as heck to trick into running in, on or off things, and setting them on fire does the deed nicely, they are easily spotted by the fact the exposed muscle lures flies to nest meaning there are followed by a swarm at all times.
Urgh these things freak me out, but they have to be noted. Apon turning the ponies who become loopys seek out dimly lit areas and begin to grow gigantic pink pustules all over there body. What happens after that, I have no idea but the end result is sickening. The result is tall lanky ponies with there legs almost three times as before due to the muscle out growing the skin, and constantly oozing pink sticky pus. The reason I call them loopys is because they always make this goofy sounding laugh, which is frankly creepy. They only come out at night in groups of 4 to 5 bopping along at a slow pace because of there bandy legs, they also use the pus to catch survivors, because it coats there legs and when catch somepony the pus gags them then they wrap them up in there front legs and drag them back to there hideaways to feed. Luckily they are severely allergic to sunlight,which causes the pus to vaporise and there flesh to roast, ending them quickly and mercilessly.
The fate of a select few pegasi thank celestia, is becoming a scarecrow. The process is quite something, as they lose all there fat and muscle, becoming thin, gaunt and literally nothing except skin or bones and they gnaw off there lips, giving them a avian appearance. Ironically they Can't fly (THANK F**K!!) But they can glide, and are very nimble when chasing something, apart from that they stand on top of a building almost never moving apart from the odd giveaway twitch till they see prey. The best thing is how dumb they are, howling when charging and always going straight for the target, and given how weak they are you could punch off there head mid charge and there body would flop down uselessly.
One of the more strange undead, drones are unicorn undead with perhaps the most strange characteristics, first the eyes tongue ears and hair fall out giving them a shaven appearance, then there horns split all the way to the skull. The other thing is they trot a path everyday over and over again, at a rather brisk pace, and only react when they bump into something, where they stop, the horn opens and if its another undead they go around it the horn closes and they continue until they bump into something again. If something living is nearby when its horn opens then its true horrific power is revealed as they drain energy, leaving there victim unable to move as the trot on, leaving them to the other undead.perhaps the hardest to deal with, you have to remove the head and crush it in quick succession.
Another unicorn undead, and perhaps the strongest, is the elemental.
To become one is tricky as they are formed from a unicorn attempting a powerful spell before being bitten, and as they are bitten the magical feedback destroys there body save for the head and spine, but then there magic goes haywire, grabbing anything nearby and using it to form a body held together with telekinesis. Completely enraged they destroy whatever is around then disassemble. If you happen across a severed head looking rather peaceful with boulders, water, fire, or anything nearby your better off leaving it alone.
Batpony undead that make the night a literal hellscape. They roost during the day, but at night they fly high above the streets.they have eyelids fused shut, gigantic ears, long twisty tails, and there legs are sharpened bone spikes. They seem very lazy till they hear some thing that sounds like food they dive down hoove spike first, screaming till the impact. After the impact they carry the impaled victim to there roost and hang off there tails and feed. Best advice, avoid the night!
Yak migrants that have literal short fuses. After being bitten there stomachs grow and engulf everything else then begin fermenting the organs, waste, and bones till they are full to the point of bursting at which point a small opening appears on there back resembling a blowhole that gives off a repulsive odour. There method of attack is to stumble towards there target then via unknown methods detonate in a methane fuelled bomb blast! They are amazing at taking out hoards, but don't get to close, otherwise the last thing you'll hear is a garbled YAK SMASH!!.
The griffon undead makes most pony undead look tame. The undead griffons lose there wingfeathers altogether and gain bony sharpened limbs, and there talons become incrusted in bone and gore likewise with there beaks. One of three high functioning undead they see living as trophy's and go out of there way to collect unique trophies, from rare colored pelts to unique cutie marks, they take what they want and use the rest as food. They make hideouts with a good view, and it consists of a waste area for bones, feces and pellets, a food area with corpses for eating or injured living beings which they call fresh meat, and a trophy area which is a large pile they sleep on, consisting of there trophies. They sometimes wear there trophies, and have been known to rip a still alive pegasus wings of then drape them over there shoulders. They deal with the other high functioning undead usually giving trophies in exchange for fresh meat, or another trophy.
Undead zebra that toil endlessly to perfect there potion. Changing the least they only gain a few rotting spots and luminescent eyes, but mentally they are f**king bonkers. Obsessed with there potion, a cauldron vfull of boiling liquid into which they throw what they think will work. They operate in threes and wear cloaks of pony hide, with the hoods pulled up. To them the living are ingredients they need, and they are willing to do some awful things for ingredients, from surgically dismantling a filly, to pulling a still beating heart out of a stallion. Aside from that there lair is a boiling cauldron around which are rotting corpses stripped of "ingredients" and this is often in a basement of sorts. They conduct nightly supply gatherings where they leave there potion to go and collect anything they percive as ingredients, food, or something useful. They trade with hunter because they often see a hunters trophy collection as the best place to get rare ingredients.
The classiest undead ponies around. Some ponies, often those with great will, power or a destiny instead of turning into a zompony turn into a wight, which is a lot worse. First off they are immortal, they can be killed they just don't age and are very hard to kill. Secondly they look exactly as they did when alive, only paler thinner and with a sudden interest in victrottian clothing. Lastly there tongue gains a barb in it. Personality wise they act very posh, refined, and aristocratic. When a pony becomes a wight they seek out a abode to suit there rich tastes, and if it has ponies in there, then they become a banquet for the new owners of of the house. They still have whatever skills they had in life but, being undead means they can push themselves far more then a regular pony, not to mention a sudden bout of enhanced speed,strength and very durable skin. They emit a type of telepathic control over the lesser undead, from having them move away from them during a spot of shopping, to commanding a horde to deal with some " annoying commoners". They call the living commoners, and treat them with distain, often killing them either because they want something the commoner has, or out of spite. When hunting they call it shopping, as they often find living ponies and swiftly incapacitate them to fill the larder. Occasionally a wight couple might get broody and decide to have children. When they do they steal them from survivor's, and bite them, this turns them half undead, able to eat pony flesh, join there parents on shopping trips but still age, when the right age they either choose to grow up then be made full undead or stay young forever then there parents use there barbed tongue to finish there undead transformation.
Musings on zomponies courtesy of propain
"As I write down this quick recommendation on how to survive the recent "Event" in trotingham, I am glad of two things 1.that most are easy to deal with, and those that aren't are few and far between. And if I die and somepony finds this may it aid you, and don't touch my cleaver!" Nightly muse aka propain.
Sorry the uploads had stopped,lets just say, my job in a factory sucks. But after a day of playing dying light,I'm back with some zompony ideas.
So in case you read the title, yes I am going to do another Vulcan warband forces with some more types of soldier, and maybe something else.....stay tuned!


luke evans
United Kingdom
just a guy with a love for anime


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